6 Lessons I Learn From The Quick Start Challenge 2014

I know I know. I have been dormant for the past few months. So I am going to give you an update on what I am up to lately.

Alright, to be frank, I was inspired to start this blog back in Sep 2013 after hearing about Dean Holland’s success story. It was after I attended a webinar conducted by Alex Jeffrey.

Alex talked about how Dean was $60,000 in debt when he first met him. So the first thing Alex told Dean to do is to start a blog and that was what Dean did. Fast forward to today, Dean went from $60,000 in debt to having an online business that generate 7 figure a year. Dean has also become a well respected coach and mentor himself having helped many people become a full time Internet Marketer.

When I first started this website, I actually wanted to blog at least once per week about my IM journey. But somehow, I got distracted again due to the shiny object syndrome, which I believe many internet marketers are suffering from.

I know I have to get myself back on track again if I am ever going to hit my goal of $10,000 per month online. So when I first heard about Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge 2.0 in April 2014, I decided to join.

From what I know, the first Quick Start Challenge in 2013 was a huge success. Many people have went on to become a full time Internet marketer since the first challenge. This year challenge is going to be better since we are going to have 3 coaches. Other than Dean Holland himself, we also have Craig Crawford and JF Garsula, who are both successful marketers in their own rights.

Basically, in this program, Dean is going to show us exactly how he got started online. He will show us a proven plan to start an online business. I will share more with you as I go through the next few weeks of the challenge.

Right now, I have just been through the first week of the challenge. The very first assignment that Dean has given us is to start a blog and write a blog post. And so here is what I am doing.

I know this may not seem significant but Dean reminded us that his sucess started from his very first blog post.


Here are the 6 lessons that I learn from the very first challenge.

1. No matter how busy you are, you have to make time for your business. At the very minimum, you should commit at least 1 hour per day.

2. You need to have a plan so you know exactly what you need to do when you are in front of the computer. This is what I am going to learn from the Quick Start Challenge.

3. You don’t have to be an expert to start blogging. Just be yourself and share your journey with others. Don’t try to fake it until you make it. When people see that you are real, they are more likely to connect with you. That was how Dean got started on his path to success.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so that you know you are on the right track.

5. You need to take that very first step if you want to be successful, even if it is a very small step, such as writing your first blog post.

6. Just do what your mentor tells you to do even if you can’t see the purpose of doing so. For example, when Alex Jeffrey told Dean Holland to write his first blog post, Dean didn’t even know how it is going to help him make money online. But Dean did it anyway. And now, he is a phenomenal success.

I will be sharing my results and what I learn from Quick Start Challenge over the next few weeks. Hopefully, you will find it helpful to learn from my mistakes and successes.

Leave your comments below and let me know what you think.

Talk to you soon 🙂

38 thoughts on “6 Lessons I Learn From The Quick Start Challenge 2014

  1. Ann

    Hi Lubano, great post. Very informative and makes you think. I will be following your journey and hope you make great progress toward your goal. 🙂

  2. LeslieZ

    It is amazing how many times we talk ourselves out of taking action by asking WHY? Why can be a huge motivation killer and stop people dead in their tracks.

    During this challenge, if I hear myself ask why, I simply ask WHY NOT? Why not me, why not you, why not take action, why not achieve success, why not now!

    Let’s do this.


    1. Lubano

      Thanks LeslieZ. I think the mental game is as important as the know-how, if not more important. I look forward to hearing your success:-)

  3. S

    Well done, Great effort on getting your site up and running.
    Wishing you well and looking forward to following your blog

    Shane Hutton

  4. Dr. Bo (Bo Mil)

    Hey, Lubano.
    It is really great that you share with us the knowledge which you have gained from this. And from these 6 lessons, I think that the most important lesson is that you should take the first step, no matter how good and experienced you are. Because, if you don’t start you will definitely not succeed.

  5. Abigail

    Hello Lubano,

    Congratulations and thank you for such a highly informative, well written first post! The 6 steps are so important to our success and such a good reminder of our QSC class. I look forward to reading more on your site. Great job!

  6. Joe

    Hi Lubano,
    Great post you have here. Just when I thought that I was the only one who got distracted and kept on buying the next shiny object only to be disappointed time and again. Glad to know that I am not alone. Guess we can keep on motivating one another to get the success we pursue. I wish you the best of luck.


  7. Phil Berkun

    Hi Lubano, you really distilled the high points of the Quick Start Challenge into lessons that truly hit home. It’s good to have you and your perceptiveness on the “team”!

  8. Alison Symons

    Hi Lubano,

    You mention shiny object syndrome I am very familiar with both that and procrastination, I hope that the challenge will inspire me to overcome them.

    Your 6 lessons learned are are good points for us all to remember and hopefully we will all move on to become more successful IMers over the next few weeks.

    Wishing you good luck with your endeavour.


  9. Catherine

    Hi Lubano,

    What an excellent post. I am very guilty of not taking action. I have no idea how I expect things to happen if I just sit and look at my computer screen!

    I like your layout too, very easy on the eyes. I’ll be back to see what other nuggets of information you have for us.


    1. Lubano

      Hi Catherine, I am sure you will overcome it and start taking action. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment 🙂

  10. Guy Martin

    Hi Lubano,

    All good points.

    There are a tremendous amount of distractions, whether offline or online. Focus becomes the most important thing and those who are able to focus on the job at hand become more successful.

    Enjoyed your post. Keep up the good work and stay focused.


  11. Boon

    Hi Lubano,

    That;s a very informative post you have. Glad ti know that you are taking action. Hope you achieve your goals real soon.


  12. Teri Helms

    Hi Lubano,

    This is a very nice post. It’s a very good summary of the first challenge. There’s also a lot of very good information in some of your older posts. I encourage visitors to look at them, too. Especially newer marketers who could benefit from your experience.

    Good luck making your video. Judging from what you’ve done already online, I have no doubt it will turn out great.

    See you in the challenge!

  13. Sherry Fields

    Hi Lubano, thank you for your blog. I am beginning to see from the 30+ blogs I have commented on, that a large number of us have the same story. Getting distracted and losing focus are my two biggest challenges. So I have taken to heart the messages received so far, and unsubscribed from almost everyone, every marketer.
    I work full time so some days it is a struggle to get the energy to carry on in the evening or when I have a couple of spare hours. But I am committed to this challenge and looking forward to seeing all of our progress.
    I wish you every success.

    1. Lubano

      Thanks Sherry. What you said is very true. The shiny object syndrome is a very real problem for many people who are trying to make money online. Glad to see your commitment. Wish you all the best:-)

  14. Sandy

    Hi Lubano, nice post and great reminders. Yes, good to see fellow Singaporean in the same challenge 🙂 Wishing you great success in your venture. In touch again soon. To your Abundance!

  15. Daniel "The Real Mr. Bean"

    Awesome post Lubano! I love how you broke this Quick Start Challenge lesson into simple to understand and visualize steps. You sure have a knack for distilling information into something 100% concrete and solid. Keep it up as I can see the value you bring to people out there. I see a future mentor developing.

    Daniel “The Real Mr. Bean”

  16. Mike

    Great job, Lubano! Your summary of the first session is very good. I can certainly relate to waxing and waning in my marketing attempts. Dean’s story is certainly an indication of what is possible online. I wish you the best with the Challenge and hope to hear your success story in the near future.

    Best to you,

  17. Sovanna Chuon

    I love your 6 steps. Thanks for sharing. So far the Quick Start Challenge has been working well for me. I’m not new to blogging but the program gives me a new start. I try to put aside what I know previously and work on the program according to how Dean teaches it. I start a brand new blog, do my homework as told and now I am getting a few visitors to my blog. I am excited and can’t wait for my new blog to grow organically.

    1. Lubano

      Hi Sovanna,

      Glad to hear that the Challenge is working well for you. Wish you success in this new journey!


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