My First Blog Post After 6 Years Online …. and the MISTAKES I Have Made

I first started my internet marketing journey way back in Oct 2007, if I didn’t remember wrongly. It was so long ago.

So after 6 years online, I finally decided to start my internet marketing blog.

But why wait 6 years?

Well, to tell you the truth, I never have the intention to start an internet marketing blog initially.

When I was just starting out, my only intention is to make money online. I have no intention to build an online business.

And that is my number one mistake.

So what is the difference between making money online and building an online business?

Well, this is a question that is worth thinking about. I will write more about this topic on another post. For now, I will just give you a short answer.

If you have been online for at least 2 years and you are still not making a substantial amount of money, it simply means that you are trying to make money online. You are not building an online business.

And if you keep on doing what you are currently doing, you will probably end up like me, wasting 6 years or even more.

If you are just starting out, at least you are lucky. (as mentioned, I will write about the difference between making money online and building an online business, so you can check back later)


I Am Now Back To Square One

I won’t say that I am starting completely from zero. This is because I am still making some money from the websites I have built in the past.

In case you are curious, I am including a screenshot of the amount of money I am making right now.


Pretty pathetic isn’t it? Considering that I have been online for 6 years.

So why am I showing you this screenshot? Because I don’t want to see you making the same mistake.

If you are still trying to make money online instead of building a real sustainable business, you are probably going to end up like me 6 years later. Yes, you will make a little bit of money here and there, just like the screenshot above.


I Know I Need To Change The Way I Am Doing Things

So after 6 years of being in denial, I realized that it is time for me to wake up. I need to learn how to build a real sustainable online business.

At the very least, I need to stop relying solely on SEO to generate an online income. It is also time to start focusing on list building.


Why I Started This Blog

There are a number of reasons for starting this blog.

First, when I start to think about it, many successful internet marketers have their own blog. So I should probably start my own blog too.

Second, I want to do something that I can be proud of. I want to start documenting the things I do to build a real online business and show you how you can do the same thing too!

Third, I want to share with you the mistakes I have made in the past 6 years. I am quite fortunate that I am just 31 years old now. Although I am not that young, I am not that old either. So it is not too late for me to change my direction.



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