How To Get The Maximum Benefit Out Of Blog Commenting

Blog commenting can be a very powerful method to drive traffic to your website, directly or indirectly, if done right.

Before we proceed, let’s talk about what I mean by directly and indirectly.

By directly, I am referring to people who read a blog post that you commented on, scroll down, read your comment and decided to click on your name to visit your website.

Indirectly means the links you build from blog commenting has resulted in an improvement in the rankings of your website. This means you are getting more visitors from the search engine as an indirect result of blog commenting.


Getting Your Blog Comments Approved

Obviously, you are not going to get any benefit from blog commenting if your comment is not approved in the first place.

Therefore, we are going to discuss how to maximize the chance of getting your blog comments published.


1. Choosing The Right Blogs

Try to look for blogs that are still active. Active means 2 things. First, the blogger is still blogging recently. Second, there are comments on the blog.

If the blogger has not been blogging for a few months, you can assume that he is not logging in to approve your comment. If there are no comments on the blog, you can assume that he is not accepting comments.

Of course, there is a possibility that he is new to blogging and is waiting for his first comment. So you can certainly be the first to leave a comment. But to keep things simple for this article, we will just assume the former.


2. Avoid Triggering The Spam Filter

Many self hosted WordPress blogs use plugins such as Askimet to manage comment spams. There is always the possibility that your comment will end up in the spam folder. But there are steps you can take to avoid triggering the spam filter.

First, don’t use certain words in your comment unless that blog post is specifically talking about that topic. I think you probably know what those words are. These words will usually trigger the spam filter automatically.

Second, don’t include any links in the comment section. You are already given a link in the Name field. So just leave it at that. Having an extra link in the comment section is not going to bring you any significant extra benefit. In fact, it will just look spammy. Even if you pass the spam filter, the blogger may not like it and end up deleting your comment anyway.

Third, you can consider using a self hosted email address instead of free email services. For example, you can use johnsmith @ instead of johnsmith @

Personally, I still use my gmail address for most of my blog commenting activities. So there should not be any problem if you decide to go ahead with free email services.

However, the more popular blogs in your industry may have a stricter spam filtering system. So using a self hosted email address can help.

After all, it doesn’t take a long time to create a new email address in your cPanel.

Fourth, contact the support team at Askimet or other relevant plugins. Sometimes, you can do everything right and your comments will still end up in the spam filter. If you are facing this issue frequently, you might want to contact their support team to find out what happen.

Maybe you have accidentally triggered some filters that actually place your ip address, email address or domain name in a spam list.


3. Please The Webmaster

So you have gotten through the spam filter but that doesn’t mean the webmaster will automatically approve your comments. If he thinks you are trying to spam him even if you are not, he is not going to approve your comment and your effort has just been wasted.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to please the webmaster so that he is more likely to approve your comment.


Don’t Leave A Link To Your Website

You are probably wondering why you should do so. After all, the purpose of blog commenting is to leave a link to your website so that people can find you. Why do blog commenting in the first place if you are not going to include a link to your website?

Well, think about it this way. You are just trying to get your foot in the door. For the first few blog comments, don’t leave a link. By doing so, your first few comments are more likely to get approved.

Once you have gain the trust of the webmaster, you can start leaving a link to your website. Of course, don’t abuse the trust and start spamming or leaving irrelevant comments.

This tip is meant for blogs where the owners are more strict. In most situations, it is alright to leave a link in your very first blog comment. As long as you follow the tips below, you should have no problem getting your blog comments approved.


Comment On The Post

Most of the time, all you need to do in order to get your blog comment approved is to simply comment on the post. Sounds like common sense, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it is not.

A lot of times, you will see very generic comments such as “Good post!”, “I learn so much from you today!”, “LOL” etc. You can leave these types of comments anywhere without reading the blog post.

I am not saying that everyone who leaves this type of comments are spammers. Some people may be genuine. But there are others who are obviously trying to game the system.

When most webmasters see this type of comments, they will usually delete them straightaway.

If you want your blog comment approved, you need to comment on the post, and it doesn’t take long to do so. You can simply refer to one of the points mentioned in the post and give your opinion about it.

The key here is let the webmaster know that you have actually taken the time to read what he has written. Your comment should contribute to the conversation.


Share A Tip

If you have a tip to share that is on topic, do so. Most webmasters will approve this type of comments. It will benefit other readers as well.


Ask A Question

Asking a question also helps to contribute to the discussion. Most probably, other readers have the same question as you.


Replying To Someone’s Comment

A smart way to get your comment approved is to reply to someone’s comment. By doing so, you can get away with not reading the post.


Being Controversial

You don’t always have to agree with what the author says. After all, everyone has their own opinion. So it is alright to say that you disagree with the author in your comment.

In fact, being controversial can sometimes help to attract a lot of attention, which means more people will visit your website to find out more about you.

Of course, don’t just disagree for the sake of being controversial. It will be more constructive if you can support your point of view. If not, it may end up spoiling your own reputation.


Don’t Use Keyword In The Name Field

If your name is John, just use John in the Name field. Don’t try to use “make money online” or other keywords. Some webmasters will delete your comment immediately if they see keywords being used in the Name field.


Just Use Home Page URL In The Website Field

Don’t try to build links to your inner page with blog commenting. You can always do so with other link building methods. Just use your home page url and your comments will have a higher chance of being approved.


Using Different Anchor Text

This tip is more relevant for people who are interested in SEO. Even if you are not into SEO, you should read this too because it doesn’t take extra effort to implement this tip.

One key concept for SEO success is diversity. For example, your links should come from difference sources. That is called link diversity.

It also helps if your link profile consists of a healthy mixture of dofollow and nofollow links. That is why blog commenting is a great way to build links because most links from blog commenting are no follow, which will help to balance out your do follow links.

Last but not least, you need anchor text variety.

But wait!

I thought you say don’t use keywords in the Name field?

Well, yes I did say that. But hear me out.

Here is how you can use different anchor text without using any keywords.

Let say your name is John Smith, you can use the following in the Name field:

John Smith





john smith




Can you see what I am doing here? Basically, you are just using different version of your name. It doesn’t take you extra effort to do that, does it?

By doing so, you will have more anchor text variety. And yes, small letter and capital letter are considered different anchor text.


Does Blog Commenting Make A Big Difference To Your SEO Campaign In 2014?

A few years ago, it used to be possible to get your website ranked for semi competitive keywords just by using blog comments alone. It is especially effective if the you are commenting on a page that happens to have a decent page rank as well.

What about 2014? Well, to be honest, I haven’t tested it and I don’t think blog commenting alone is going to cut it. But I have no doubt that it is still going to give your website a little bit of push, if not just for the benefits of anchor text variety and no follow link sources.

As mentioned above, it doesn’t take you a lot of effort to use different variation of your name for blog commenting. So it is worth doing.

11 thoughts on “How To Get The Maximum Benefit Out Of Blog Commenting

  1. Sandy

    Wow that is great information. By someone who has been there and done that. Thank you for sharing what you have learned. I am sure it will help.

  2. Vanda Strange Explains

    You have explained this really well Lubano! It’s an amazing article and one that must help many people. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain about this annoying problem for bloggers. I too have written a post about comments people make and IF you agree with it and it’s in line with your views, could it be linked with this post? Please feel free to include it if you approve 🙂 Not going to take offence if you don’t. Enjoy QSC for the final week

  3. Tywon

    You did an awesome job with this post. I believe a lot of us in the QSC will find this post helpful as well as many others.

    Keep up the good work…I really like how your blog is coming along!

  4. Boon

    That’s a very detailed post about the do’s and don’ts on blog commenting. I don’t get the part about using a variety of names in the name field. Do you mean placing a few comments under different names?

    1. Lubano

      What I mean is you use different variation of your name when you are commenting on different blogs.

      Say you are leaving a comment at Blog A, you can use John Smith in the name field.
      When you are leaving a comment at Blog B, you can use johnny in the name field.

  5. Bob Moore

    Lots of good advice. I had always heard that blog commenting or blog hopping was a viable way of generating traffic. To be honest, I never took the time to do it because it seemed tedious.

    Truthfully, however, since I joined the Quick Start Challenge and actually put it to the test, I can see from experience that it actually works. Granted, it doesn’t bring floods of traffic, but it is consistent traffic; plus, it’s actually become kind of fun to do.

    Continued success to you.


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