How To Get High Quality Articles Written For A Low Price

Over the past few years, I have come across a number of article writing services. If you are wondering how to get high quality articles written for cheap, the resources below may help you.

Before you proceed, do take note that “high quality” is subjective. For the purpose of this post, “high quality” means they read really well, free of grammatical & spelling errors and you should be able to get them approved at EzineArticles.

Ultimately, you get what you paid for. If you really want to get the highest quality content, you need to be prepared to pay a lot more. Of course, when you are lucky, you can get a really awesome article at a low price. But this is more of an exception rather than the norm.


1. Cyberhub Online  ($3/500 words or $0.006/word)

This is my favorite article writing service. If you are lucky, you can get a pretty good article written for $3.

It doesn’t matter what kind of articles you want to write. Whether it is a standard article, product review or a rewrite, the fee will be $3 for every 500 words.

For most article writing services, you will have to pay extra for product review articles. There is no need to pay this extra fee in Cyberhub Online. Therefore, this is my favorite place for product review articles.

From my testing, their product review articles do convert into sales, especially if you can get them ranked for the relevant “product review” keywords.

However, the waiting time can be quite long. Be prepared to wait around 7 days before you get your articles back. Also, you do not have the option to choose a writer. If you want cheap articles and don’t mind waiting, this service is for you.


2. Epic Write ($3/500 words or $0.006/word)

Epicwrite offers 3 levels of services. Basically, you can choose between 3 star, 4 star and 5 star articles.

For 3 star, the cost is $3 for a 500 words article.

For 4 star, the cost is $4 for a 500 words article.

For 5 star, the cost is $5 for a 500 words article plus the ability to choose a writer.

Apparently, Cyberhub Online has already merge with Epic Write on August 1 2013. The quality of the articles from Cyberhub Online is equivalent to the 3 star articles from Epicwrite.

I have not tried the 4 star and 5 star articles. So I cannot comment on the quality. But the 3 star articles are already pretty good. So I guess the 4 star and 5 star articles are much better.


3. iNeedArticles ($3.50/500 words or $0.007/word)

This is an article writing service started by Jonathan Leger, a trusted name in the Internet Marketing Community.

You can get a standard 500 words article for $3.50. However, you will have to pay more if you want to get a product review article. Although you have to pay slightly more compared to Cyberhubonline and Epic Write, you can usually get your articles back faster.

Usually, you can expect to get your articles back within 48 hours. Sometimes, you can even get them back within a few hours.

There are other upgrade options available.

Guaranteed 24-hour delivery. (+$0.30/100 words)

Guaranteed four or five-star writers only. (+$0.30/100 words)

In-depth research stipend. (+$0.30/100 words)

Extra fee to allow specific article style requests in the instructions. (+$0.30/100 words)

INeedArticles is probably the best place to get your articles rewritten, when you consider both the quality and the price. Sometimes, the rewritten article is even better than the original. The cost of a rewritten article is ($2.50/500 words or $0.005/word).

The only drawback for this service is that you don’t have the option to choose a specific writer. However, you have the option of getting your articles written by a 4 or 5 star writer by paying an extra $0.30 for every 100 words.


4. Need An Article ($6.45/500 words or $0.0129/word)

NeedAnArticle is a service that I have used in the past. However, I have not been using this service for at least 2 to 3 years. Therefore, I am not too sure whether there are any significant changes in their system.

Their articles are not exactly cheap, especially when you compare it with the 3 services mentioned above. Of course, “cheap” is a very subjective concept. For some people, $10 for a 500 words article is still considered cheap. Anyway, for the purpose of this blog post, I will consider any price below $10 for a 500 words article to be “cheap”.

Their cheapest option is $6.45 for a 500 words article. They have a number of options available. For the highest quality articles that require more research, you can pay up to $25 per 500 words article.

If I didn’t remember wrongly, the price of their articles a few years ago were around $5.50 for a 500 words article (lowest end). Apparently, they have raised the price.

As far as quality is concerned, I would say NeedAnArticle is slightly better than the 3 services mentioned above. If I didn’t remember wrongly, you can also choose the writer. This can help you get the style of article you want.

For example, I was promoting a relationship product a few years ago. I found one writer who has a passion in that niche and wrote great relationship articles. Therefore, whenever I need a relationship article, I will choose the same writer knowing that I will get exactly what I want.

Do take note that you have to pay $9.95/month to access their service. Apparently, you can also test their service without paying the monthly fee. However, the price per article will be slightly higher. You can check the pricing here:


5) GetArticlesDone ($5.90/500 words or $0.0118/word)

The price of the articles varies depending on the number of articles you order. For a standard 500 words article, the cost is $5.90/500 words if you only order 1 to 4 articles. If you decided to order 75 articles or more, the price will be $5.50/500 words.

They also offer other types of article writing services related to AMA, DYA, SYA, and EzineArticles. You can check out the full list of services at their website.

I used to use their service for UAW articles a few years ago. However, I am no longer using UAW since I have decided not to focus on SEO anymore.


6) Textbroker ($6.50/500 words or $0.013/word)

Apparently, Textbroker offers 4 levels of services from Level 2 to 5. If you want a 500 words article for less than $10, you can go for Level 2 or 3.

At Level 2, you have to pay $6.50 for a 500 words article. At Level 3, you have to pay $9. Do take note that there is a processing fee of $0.35 for every order.


7) iWriter ($3/500 words or $0.006/word)

iWriter is an article writing service started by Brad Callen, who is the creator of several top selling software such as AK Elite.

They offer 3 level of services, Basic, Premium and Elite.

At the Basic Level, you only need to pay a flat fee of $3 for a 500 words article.

At the Premium and Elite Level, you need to pay a minimum of $5.50 and $10.00 respectively for a 500 words article. You are also given the option to pay more. You may be wondering why you should pay more. Well, when you are willing to pay more, you will be able to attract better writers to write for you.


8) Articlez ($11/500 words or $0.022/word)

I have never used this service before. Also, this is not the cheapest article writing service out there. However, I decided to mention it since it is recommended by a number of well known Internet marketers. Therefore, I assume that their articles must be pretty good. You can consider trying their service.


What Is The Best Article Writing Service?

It is not easy to decide which service is the best. This is because the “quality” of an article is very subjective. Also, the quality of the articles from each service is not always consistent.

For example, you can order two articles from Service A. One of them may be super high quality and the other average. It all depends on the writer.

Also, it depends on your needs such as how fast you want your articles back and the price you are willing to pay. If you are just using those articles for SEO and building backlinks, the quality of the articles do not matter that much.

Personally, I have never used Textbroker, iWriter and Articlez. Therefore, I can’t tell you about my experience with them. However, through my research, the positive reviews outweigh the negatives.

The only way to find out which service is the best for you is to try them out for yourself. Generally, the services recommended above are pretty good. So you should be able to get good articles from them.

4 thoughts on “How To Get High Quality Articles Written For A Low Price

  1. Boon

    Thank you for providing the list of places to get articles written. I’ve been using Elance and Fiveer, but none of the sites you mentioned. Will go and check them out for my next articles outsourcing.

  2. Rich Emmett

    Hi Lubano, this is a great resource! Thanks for the suggestions – I hadn’t heard of many of these so will definitely be trying them out. Many thanks for your article.

    1. Lubano

      Yes, I have gotten some pretty good articles from some of the places mentioned above. But do take note that the quality is not always consistent.

      Sometimes, it does depend on the writer you got. But overall, I am quite satisfied with them. Hope you will have good experience with them too.


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