How I Got 50 Subscribers In Less Than 24 Hours

I know 50 subscribers in 24 hours is not really a big deal. Many marketers can easily get thousands of subscribers within the same period of time. However, this is my personal best record for now. So I decided to share my results with you.

You can refer to the screenshot below:


59.2% Conversion Rate and 61 Opt Ins

As you can see, my squeeze page is being displayed 103 times. I got 61 opt ins. The conversion rate of my squeeze page is 59.2%.

Basically, I bought a solo ad for 100 clicks. Majority of the clicks were delivered within 24 hours, where I got around 50 subscribers. The rest of the clicks were delivered within the next few hours. Below, I am going to share with you the steps that I have taken.


Step 1: Setting Up A High Converting Squeeze Page

Obviously, I need to have a squeeze page to collect email addresses. This is the url of my squeeze page:

Having a squeeze page alone is not enough. You need to make sure that it converts well. So what is considered a good conversion rate? Well, the conversion rate of a squeeze page depends on a number of factors such as the niche you are in, the traffic source etc.

I will try to aim for the minimum of 40% opt in rate. In other words, for every 100 people that visit my squeeze page, at least 40 of them will enter their email address.


How Did I Get The Squeeze Page To Convert At More Than 40%?

Well, I actually took the shortcut. This squeeze page is not created by me. It was a template that I bought. I simply edit the squeeze page and upload to my website.


Why I Decided To Go For The Shortcut

If you want to test the conversion rate of a squeeze page, you need to drive traffic to it. The fastest way to get traffic is to use paid traffic sources such as solo ads. For a typical solo ad, you will need to pay around $45 for 100 visitors.

Let say you send 100 visitors to “Squeeze Page Version A” and another 100 visitors to “Squeeze Page Version B”, you are already spending $90 for 200 visitors. You may have to test a few more versions of your squeeze page in order to reach at least 40% conversion rate. That means you may have to spend a few hundred dollars to test the conversion rate of a squeeze page.

And let’s not forget that it also takes time. That is why I decided to buy a template squeeze page is already proven to convert well.


Step 2: I Bought A Solo Ad For $45

After I uploaded the squeeze page, I started to setup my tracking link. Before buying a solo ad, it is important to setup the tracking properly. You need to be able to track how many unique visitors the solo ad seller is sending you.

I bought a sold ad from Andreea Carol at I bought 100 clicks for $45.

Andreea Carol over delivered by sending me 110 unique clicks. Referring to the screenshot below, I got 61 opt ins. Do take note that the tracking may not always be 100% accurate. That is why the “Displays” is 103 instead of 110.



So Far No Sales Is Generated

I have not generated any sales yet. But that doesn’t mean my one time offer is not converting. It is too soon to tell since I only have 61 opt ins.

So I will need to buy more sold ads to test my one time offer. If it still doesn’t convert, then I need to change my one time offer. I will update you on my progress next time.

4 thoughts on “How I Got 50 Subscribers In Less Than 24 Hours

  1. Rich Emmett

    Hey Lubano, that’s a great article again – out of interest where did the landing page direct to (as well as your aWeber mailing list 🙂 ) when your prospects signed up? Also, how much did your template squeeze page cost and where did you buy it from?

    1. Lubano

      It directs to a product called Six Figure Shortcut by James Francis.

      The template squeeze page is an upsell for Six Figure Shortcut. It cost $97 if I didn’t remember wrongly and consist of 5 different squeeze page templates. I was using one of them.

      According to James Francis, the squeeze page templates were tested by him and were proven to convert. I only tried one of the templates and it does convert quite well. I can’t tell you the result of the other 4 templates as I have not tried them myself.


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