Cool Gmail Tricks For Internet Marketers

Learning how to use certain functions of gmail can help you save a lot of time.

Today, I am going to show you a few gmail tricks that are especially useful for internet marketers.

Actually, you only need to know Tip 3. Tip 1 and Tip 2 are just there for your info.


Tip 1: You Can Use Dots In Your Gmail Address

Let say your email address is When someone send an email to the following addresses,

you will receive the email in your inbox. It doesn’t matter where you place the dots or how many dots you use, gmail consider them as the same address.


Tip 2: Gmail and Googlemail Is The Same is the same as

When you combine it with Tip 1, you have the following possibilities:

and many more…..


Tip 3: You Can +anythingyouwant is the same as is the same as

When you combine Tip 1, Tip 2 and Tip 3, here are the possibilities:


What Can You Do With These Gmail Tricks?

With these 3 gmail tricks, you already have unlimited email addresses with just one gmail account.

If you need to sign up for multiple web 2.0, social media or social bookmarking accounts, you can do so with just one email address.

In fact, out of these 3 tips, Tip 3 is the most useful.

As an internet marketer, you have probably bought a number of products online. You are probably on the list of multiple gurus as well. How can you organize your inbox when you are receiving so many emails?

Well, there is no need to. Here is a trick you can use.

If you want to subscribe to Frank Kern’s list, you can use

If you want to sign up for Mark Ling’s list, you can use

If you have just bought Optimize Press and you want to receive the product updates, you can use

By doing so, you can easily find the emails you are looking for using the “Search” function.

For example, if you want to find out whether there are any product updates from Optimize Press, you don’t have to look through thousands of emails. All you need to do is to type in

These are just some of the gmail tricks I am currently using. Hopefully, you find them helpful. When I learn new tricks, I will come back and update this post.

Do you have any new gmail tricks to share? If so, do leave your comments below.

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